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Writer Wednesday with Jan Springer

 Writer Wednesday with Jan Springer

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

Do you work another job when you are not writing?   
I don’t have another job. Writing is my full-time job and has been for about nineteen years.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing?
I love hiking in the woods or walking near water. It’s so refreshing to escape life and writing when things get overwhelming and just immerse myself in nature. After a good walk I find myself revitalized and ready to tackle problems again.

What is your favorite color? Why? 
Yellow has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. It reminds me of sunshine, happiness and warmth. It’s a very cheerful color and I feel really good when I look at the different shades of yellow. The outside walls of my writer’s retreat is yellow…I still have to paint the inside, and guess what color theme it will be? *grin*

What is your favorite season? Why?
Ohhh that is a hard one. I think it might be leaning more toward autumn, mainly because of the cooler weather. I live in Ontario, Canada and this is when the leaves on the trees start to change into magnificent colors such as red, orange, brown, yellow and everything just looks so pretty and peaceful.

If you could live anyplace on earth, where would it be? Why? 
I think it would be somewhere where it is warm with a beach. Probably Florida as long as it is not too hot. The older I get the more I dislike winter and the dreary cloudy days and the snow.

If you could have any car, what would it be?
I’ve always wanted a Ford Escape…I was saving up for one but my old Ford Focus station wagon clunked out on me after twelve years so I decided on a Ford Focus sedan…as it was within my price range. I have started saving for that Escape again. Lol I could have bought on credit, but I have this thing about going into debt. I don’t like to. I think it is something learned from my dad as he didn’t go into debt either except to buy the family home.

Tell us about your writing: 

Writing for me is like this…if writing was taken away from me, then there would be no reason for me to live. That’s how passionate I am about this career. It is in my blood. I was born to create. I try to write or do something connected with my writing everyday. If I don’t, I feel like I have wasted a day. Weird eh?

How long have you been writing?
I have been writing since I was a teenager. It was in secret back then as my parents were old
fashioned and thought writing was a hobby not a profession. So I would write in notebooks about tv shows that I watched and create my own scenes for the characters. Shows like The Rookies, Charlies Angels, Starsky and Hutch and others.
As I grew older and tried careers in hairstyling, accounting and other jobs, I finally gave into my desire for writing and started not caring what family members thought. I also got into a car accident which left me with whiplash issues and I couldn’t work, so that was when writing was pretty much a survival job for me and I got lucky that Ellora’s Cave Publishing picked me up quickly. The pay was great and when they went out of business I went into my own publishing business for my own books.

Was it a dream, a goal or is it just a hobby?
Writing has always been a dream of mine. I think I can remember as far back as when I first saw letters in a book. I remember thinking…some day I am going to do this too. LOL I think I was only three years old.

How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set routine, or do you write when the mood strikes?  

I have discovered that if I wait for the mood to strike, then I would be in trouble. LoL. So I sit down, usually in the afternoon and just read a bit of what I did the day before and then I find myself getting into a scene rather quickly. I don’t polish as I go. I just write as the thoughts hit me and save the polishing, editing etc…when the entire book is done.

Is there some place special you like to be when you write?
I have several favorite spots. In the summer and during warm weather you can find me outside under the sun umbrella writing in a notebook. When it is cold I head to my office which at the writer’s retreat (which is what I call my home). One of my offices is over my garage and the other in the spare bedroom which I use as my office.
Other times, when the mood hits, I will drive somewhere quiet, park the car and just write. And sometimes I will start the fire in the fire pit outdoors and spend a day writing in front of a nice cheerful fire. I can pretty much write anywhere as long as it is quiet.
Mainly I prefer to write long-hand as that allows me to really get into a story without too many breaks.

Do you listen to music or do you need a quiet place to write?
I need it to be very quiet. Sometimes I will listen to nature music but it has to be low and in the background.

Tell us about your book or series: 

Currently I am working on a contemporary western ménage series which centers around men and women who have recently and unexpectedly been released from the overcrowded prison system and thrust into jobs on Canadian wilderness ranches such as a cattle ranch, a horse ranch and another I have planned is on a sheep ranch.

What is the name of it and is it part of a series or a standalone novel? 

The name of the series is called Cowboys Online and there are five books in the series so far. I am working on Book 6 called Her Forever Cowboys about a woman who has just been unexpectedly paroled many years before she is supposed to get out. She’s sent to a secluded horse ranch and starts to fall in love with her three cowboy bosses.

Where did the idea come from? 

I’m not sure. LOL. Seriously I was just lying in bed one night and the idea popped into my head.

How long did it take to write?  
The first book in the series wrote itself. Cowboys for Christmas was supposed to be only book about one woman named JJ with anxiety issues who was released from the prison system, but so many readers have asked for more on JJ and her cowboys that I have written five so far. Now I am working on a story about her prison friend who has a similar destiny with her own cowboys (I hope) *grinning*

More Information about the books

All links for my Cowboys Online series can be found at my website on the main page: Below are the story lines:

Cowboys for Christmas – Book One in the Cowboys Online series

Jennifer Jane Watson has spent the past ten Christmases in a maximum-security prison. The last thing she expects is to get early parole along with a job on a secluded Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met!

Rafe, Brady and Dan thought they were getting male ex-cons to help out around their secluded ranch. The last thing they expect is an attractive female convict. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share...

They're dominating, sexy-as-sin and they fill JJ with the hottest ménage fantasies she's ever had. Suddenly she's craving Cowboys for Christmas and wishing for something she knows she can never have...a happily ever after.

Cowboys in Her Pocket – Cowboys Online Book Two

Spring has finally arrived at Moose Ranch, and a single woman
fresh out of prison shouldn’t be experiencing scorching ménages with her three sexy-as-sin cowboys. But JJ’s love for her men continues to grow as she gives into the fevered heat and sizzling passions she feels for each of them. 

Life is perfect. 

Until her new life is tested when mysterious happenings occur on the ranch and then one of her cowboys is viciously attacked and injured. Will JJ’s newfound freedom and happiness be ripped away? 

Rafe, Brady and Dan never expected to find an attractive and very appealing female to help them out at their secluded ranch. But in the wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share...

Brady, Dan and Rafe have never been happier. Their cattle ranch is flourishing and their continued desire to share the sexy woman who cares for them makes their life complete. Until danger threatens to rip everything apart…


Loving Her Cowboys – Cowboys Online Book Three

After spending ten years in a maximum-security prison Jennifer Jane (JJ) Watson got early parole and a job on a remote Canadian cattle ranch playing housekeeper to three of the sexiest cowboys she’s ever met…a single woman shouldn’t be experiencing such scorching ménages with three sexy-as-sin men. Her love for her cowboys continues to grow as she gives into the fevered heat and scorching passions she feels for each of them.

Passion burns bright when she’s wrapped in the arms of her cowboys. But JJ’s simmering restlessness explodes and she’s seriously making up for lost time by pursuing her dreams. There’s only one little problem. She hasn’t revealed to her bosses what she’s been up to while they’re away tending to the cattle and doing their ranch chores. She knows when they discover her secret, there will be hell to pay.

Ranchers Rafe, Dan and Brady have found the woman who completes them. She makes their secluded ranch a home-sweet-home. She’s vulnerable, sweet and willing to share her bed with all three of them. But when JJ’s secret is unwittingly revealed, they’re stunned, angry and they figure it’s time to dole out some fiery punishment in some mighty naughty ways…

Cowboys in Her Heart – Cowboys Online Book Four
After spending ten years in a maximum-security prison, JJ gets unexpected parole and a job on a
Canadian ranch serving up scrumptious dinners and lots of hot love to three of the sexiest cowboys she’s ever met.

Jennifer Jane “JJ” Watson has never been happier. She’s going to have a baby! 
Thankfully their wilderness ranch is a nice distraction for her three sexy cowboys while she’s away flying her plane. But when she’s home, her dominant hunks are tending to her naughty pregnant cravings and that includes plenty of sizzling ménages. 

Rafe, Brady and Dan don’t much like the idea of their woman flying the Canadian skies and being at the mercy of the unpredictable Northern Ontario weather. They would prefer having her warming their beds twenty-four seven. But she has a way of getting what she wants and right now she needs her new-found freedom. 
Worst fears are realized when JJ, her friend and JJ’s plane suddenly go missing and she doesn’t come back home to them. 


Always Her Cowboys – Cowboys Online Book Five

Jennifer Jane (JJ) Watson has spent ten Christmases in a maximum-security prison. The last thing she expects is to get early parole, along with a job on a remote Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she's ever met!

Rafe, Brady and Dan thought they were getting male ex-cons to help out around their secluded ranch, but instead they get an attractive and very appealing female. In the snowbound wilds of Northern Ontario, female companionship is rare. It's a good thing the three men like to share...

Christmas is coming once again to Moose Ranch and with the due date of JJ’s baby approaching fast, JJ is distracting herself from anxiety attacks by keeping herself ultra-busy preparing for the arrival of her baby and planning Moose Ranch's first annual Christmas party!

In having a wee baby on the way, there's a lot of stress for Brady, Rafe and Dan. Especially due to JJ's decision on having a wilderness mid-wife deliver the baby at the ranch house - with all of them present for the birth! But their concerns don't stop the men from showing JJ how much they love her...out of bed and in!

With wicked snowstorms, a grounded bush plane, a cheerful holiday party and a sweet little baby, the owners of Moose Ranch know this will be one sparkling Christmas season they won't soon forget...

Your other work:  
Do you have any upcoming projects in the works or other books that have been published?

Yes, I have several works-in-progress plus I am re-editing some of my older works.

Plus I have over fifty books published and several series. You can explore my books at my website I write contemporary erotic romances, western ménage romances, erotic romances with m/f, also some sci-fi erotic romances and others.

Where can readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me in the following ways:
Jan Springer Website at – go to the contact page
Twitter - @janspringer