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The Remingtons: Proof of Love by USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert

The Remingtons: Proof of Love 

USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert

Dez Wright bed hops because it’s easier to let a man between her legs than into her heart. After the death of her college sweetheart in a motorcycle accident that leaves Dez with a bum knee and a shattered heart, she throws all of her passion and energy into the one thing that can't hurt her: her flourishing photography career.
Mitch Michaelson thought he was dead the day he wrestled a pissed-off shark snorkeling off the Hawaiian coast with a model whose name he can hardly remember. But the tryst in paradise cost him more than his arm; it destroyed his career as a famous iron sculptor. After years of intense therapy, Mitch is finally rebuilding a new life working with kids at the community center in his sleepy North Carolina town. 
When Dez blows into Arden’s Glen looking to take his picture for some do-gooder coffee table book, Mitch wants no part of it. He's put his glamorous past where it belongs and wants nothing more than to lay low, help the kids in his community, and be left alone. When fate steps in and brings the two together to help their friends and a troubled kid in need, will a couple of photographs and a magical one-night stand be all the proof of love they need? Or will their two stubborn hearts stay hell-bent on keeping their walls in place and playing it safe forever?



I felt his presence before I saw him. A masculine energy washed over me while I stood there on the patio, daydreaming as I gazed into the dancing flames of orange and yellow that licked the wall of the fire pit.
            “You must be the infamous Dez.”
            I held my breath for a moment, on the precipice of knowing and not knowing. Afraid to face the curl of sexual energy tugging me in his direction. I heard his weight shift as he climbed the last step and joined me on the patio.
            I turned to face him, a practiced, sexual smile curving on my lips before I could stop it. My eyes slammed into familiar, dark, piercing ones and the smile slipped from my mouth, crashing to the weathered floorboards beneath our feet. “Newman,” I hissed out. For some reason, the old Jerry Seinfeld reference tumbled from my lips with an ease I found disturbing.   
            His mouth turned up at the corner, amusement reaching his dark brown eyes. “Jerry,” he bantered, laughing. “Fancy meeting you here.”
            “I’m surprised you didn’t run me off the porch first, since you’re so good at it.” I crossed my arms over my body, the chill of the night settling in my bones as I stood there, not sure what to make of this gorgeous man who was now staring me down.
            “Wow.” He nodded his head, running his hand through his thick, brown hair before turning away. He gazed out at the woods, the lake nearly impossible to see under the blanket of darkness. He turned to face me. “This is awkward,” he said. “Can we start over? For our friends’ sake?”
            I looked him up and down, my eyes caressing the jeans he was filling out nicely and the black sweater that hugged his chest with precision. He was even better looking over firelight than he’d been earlier in the day, but it wasn’t enough to sway my first impression of him. “I don’t know. It’s not every day I nearly get run off the road, plowed into at the market, and then almost made into roadkill all at the hands of the same man. I’m not sure I want to start over again,” I said with sincerity.
            He scrutinized me for a moment, his brow crinkling in the glow of the flames. And damn if his thoughtful glare didn’t about melt my panties off.
            “Look, first of all, you pulled out in front of me at the Vega Farm. I was driving down the street minding my own business when this”—he waved his hand in the air, grappling for the right word—“tourist, not familiar with our roads, pulls out in front of me and nearly made me swerve off the road.”
            “Did you just call me a tourist?” I stepped closer to him and poked him on the chest. Not a good idea. It was a solid wall of muscle. I tempered my libido and steeled myself against his Superman good looks. “I did not pull out in front of you. You were speeding,” I huffed. “I was the one who almost landed in the ditch.”
            He rolled his eyes. “You know I was only going about twenty, right?”
            “You are so infuriating,” I seethed.
            “And you are adorable when you’re acting all righteous,” he said.

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Full of grief and jaded by love, corporate philanthropist Egan MacGuire is given two options by his boss: take a leave of absence or kiss his job goodbye. A road trip with a friend is just the distraction Egan needs to figure out how to get his life back on track.  
Celeste St. Angelo left the bright lights and big city for the mountains of North Carolina to open the next phase of her flourishing Angel Therapy business, a healing and wellness center. With the grand opening looming she has no time for distractions, especially love.

When divine timing sparks an unexpected romance, will Egan and Celeste be able to leave their troubled pasts behind and find the courage to have a little faith in love?   

About C.M. Albert

USA Today Best Selling Author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are both "sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!" Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, inspiration, and romance. She’s a sucker for a good villain, but is a die-hard believer in everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two young kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a book editor, Reiki practitioner, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps. 

You can find C.M. Albert online at:


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The Remingtons: A Twist of Love by NY Times Bestselling Author Calinda B

The Remingtons: A Twist of Love 

NY Times Bestselling Author Calinda B

 Forced into rehab by lead singer Dante Vegas, the Marked Love drummer Gia “Styx” Swain wants nothing to do with sobriety—or the gorgeous, kind man she’s been assigned to be with twenty-four hours a day. Her hand forced, unable to deal with her situation, she escapes his care, heedless of the consequences.
Marco Monroe, a former ex-Marine, loves helping people get free of their addictions. He’s good at it. Plus, it helps keep his mind off the tragic accident that stole his fiancĂ©e away. Being a sober companion to the drummer of one of his favorite bands proves challenging…as well as difficult to stay mindful of his boundaries.
With everything on the line, can they possibly yield to the potent attraction between them? Or, would giving into one another destroy everything they’ve sought to create?


Marco nodded, turned, and dragged Gia from the bar, across the sticky tiles.
"Stop it!" she protested. "You're hurting me. I still have bruises."
Marco said nothing, shoving open the door.
Gia blinked again, her eyes stinging from the late morning light. She glanced at the grimy sidewalk, covered with litter. "Where'd you learn to fight like that?"
"Marines," Marco said, in clipped tones.
Her eyebrows flew up. I've got a Marine as my sober companion? Shit. I just thought him a fitness addict. Real fear made an appearance for the first time since this whole shit-storm began, like arms trying to crush her chest.
"So, what next?" she said, still tripping over her feet.
The guy had a long-legged stride.
"New plan," Marco said, approaching a shiny SUV.
A couple of teens lounged against the vehicle, arms crossed. One of them had a cigarette dangling from his lips.
"Thanks for watching the car, guys." Marco fished in his pocket, pulled out a wad of bills, and tossed it in the boys' direction.
The kid with the smoke deftly caught the crumpled bills. He removed the cigarette from his mouth and fingered the cash. When he unfolded the wad, he grinned.
"No problem.” He nodded to his companion. “Let's roll."
Marco dragged Gia toward the vehicle. He hauled open the passenger door and shoved her into the seat.
"Ouch! Quit being so rough with me," she said, noting the same new whine as yesterday.
"Apparently, you like it rough if those sleaze-bags I just tossed are any indication." He reached down for the glove box, opened it, and retrieved a set of handcuffs.
Gia's eyes grew large. "What are you going to do with those?"
"Sex games, what do you think?" Marco said, a glint in his eye.
For a fleeting second, hope flitted through her woozy brain. Might be nice.
He grabbed her wrist and fitted one of the cuffs over it. He clicked it shut. He fitted the other end over the door handle before slamming the door shut.
She tugged against her restraints. They didn’t give. She let out a sigh and slumped against the interior.
Marco climbed in the other side, blasted on the ignition, and took off.
"Where are we going?" she asked, as they headed out of Peckham.
"You'll see." His lips pressed tight.
Gia stared out the window at the London cityscape. When it yielded to rolling hills and quaint cottages, her brow furrowed.
"Where are we going?" she asked again.
The big guy stayed quiet.
"So, I get to know nothing?" she asked. She started to cross her arms at his silence, but the cuffs pulled at her wrist. She let out a huffy sigh.
He drove through a silly little town full of shops and tourists, and then headed toward the hills. He hooked a hard right into a gravel-lined driveway, leading up to an innocuous looking house at the top of one of the hills.
"B&B?" Gia said, grinning. "Is this where the sex games commence?"

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Skilled “tiger whisperer” Kennedy Swift is on a mission to get her life on track and escape the people who want to do her harm. Running into Dante Vega isn’t on the plan. When her gaze lands on Dante, the same obsession and longing she experienced in her senior year comes roaring back to life. She simply can’t afford to let him in. End of story.

An unexpected, surprise encounter at a tiger sanctuary in the Bronx leaves mega-superstar musician Dante Vega reeling. Is the woman being charged by the tiger, about to lose her life, the same woman he crushed hard on at his exclusive private Manhattan high school before she vanished?

Each of their lives has been marred by tragedy. Each carries a painful past, too dark to reveal. Will their secrets tear them apart? Or will they find the courage to come clean, risking all to find love?

Cameo appearances from Dex Remington, Ellie Parker, Mitch Anziano and Regina Smith, from Game of Love.




A New York Times, USA Today, award winning, bestselling author Calinda B crafts paranormal, sci-fi and contemporary romance novels. An avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast with a quirky sense of humor, she's always finding ways to torture her characters, and to entertain her long-time love, her two cats or her kids and friends. She lives in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, a place that soothes her soul and gives her plenty of time to write, scuba dive, work, write, bike ride, write, kayak, write and write some more.

With umpteen books roaming the universe and more in her head, you can find her at


The Remington Kindle World Romances are based off of Melissa Foster's Best Selling Remington Series 

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