Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cover Reveal: Strike Zone by Michele Shriver

 Cover Reveal

Strike Zone 
Written by Michele Shriver


Cover model: Devin Byrd
Cover photography: Randy Sewell, RLS Model Images
Cover design: Susan Ann Wall

Big league pitcher Killian Moss wants a family. What he needs is a steadfast woman who can handle long separations during the season. The kind of woman who will always be there for him and their children.
Movie actress Lorna Richards is an independent, publicity-shy, single mom who hides in Texas whenever she’s not on a shoot. Home and family is everything to Lorna and when she meets Killian, it seems that they want all the same things.
The passion between them flares bright and hot, but when Lorna decides to pay back a favor for a man who saved her career – a life-altering favor – then Killian may have to cry foul and back away. Everything between them hangs in the balance as Lorna must choose between giving a new life to her best friend or losing her dream of love and a happy ending with Killian.

Release date: February 13, 2018
Preorder link (US): http://amzn.to/2A6Ttu8
Preorder link (UK): http://amzn.to/2ApE24L

Pre-Order: Playing It Cool by Zoe Mullins

A Men of Steele Novella
by Zoë Mullins

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Release Tour: Dissension by Kristy Centeno

A Deliverance Novel, Book 2
by Kristy Centeno

Readers Being Thankful Part 2

Welcome back to Readers Being Thankful! If you missed the first part, you can view it HERE.

What am I thankful for?

Well, the first thing would have to be that I am thankful I am able to write stories that entertain so many people.

I'm also blessed to have an incredible family that supports me, even if they don't always understand me.

I'm thankful that I while I had a lot of medical issues this year, they were resolved and I am back on track. 

I'm so thankful that my family, near and far, are all doing well. 

I am also very grateful that we get to go to Disney twice a year, and I can not forget how much I am thankful for all the emails, reviews, comments and support that I get from my readers. 

What some of my Readers are Thankful for!

Shannon C: My husband who is such a hard worker no matter what hard times were having hes always working to provide for me and our 4 kids. Hes the best man i have ever known. Hes my best friend, great dad, soul mate! So thankful hes in my life!

Sheree F: I'm thankful for my Faith, my family and my friends.

Brandie: I go through severe depression and anxiety, and everyday my kids make smile and laugh. I'm thankful for them and for my husband, because he goes above and beyond to make sure I know there are people who care.

Nissa: My husband and children

Terri E: God's merciful love

Brooke B: My daughters. They make life worth everything.

Betty R: My family, especially my grandchildren! They keep me young!

Jean M: For my family

Jean P: my wonderful husband, who came into my life at the perfect time

Julie: Having a sound home to live that is also close to nature.

Pat M: My husband and daughter and our freedoms. Thankful I married the right guy and he is so good with our special needs teenage daughter. They have a really good relationship and she can go to Him about anything. So glad he spends time with her despite her with her disabilities.

Kim C: I am thankful they finally got my meds right!! For real!!

Janine R: I have a son with health issues. When he was first born, the doctors weren't real encouraging that he'd live very long. He has his problems, but he turned 30 this year. I count my blessings every time I look at him.

Porsche M: My first granddaughter ryley rayne

Peggy C: I am truly thankful for the roof over our heads and that i have the pups to keep me company i am severely disabled and without the 2 pups i wouldn't have made it for 30 years with this disease!

Jerri: Life

Joyce: I’m thankful for my eyes so I can read and do my quilting. (And also see God’s world around me.) I may not see as well as I did when I was younger, but sometimes I think that makes me appreciate my eyesight even more.

Lorena K: My husband and our continued good health.

Kitty: I am very thankful for my Lord Jesus,my family and were we live.

Debbie W: I am truly thankful for my grandchildren. They are there when I wake up in the morning when they yell out, Are You Up and they are there at night when they go to bed with all of their I love you's. Those are the best sounds to get up to and go to sleep with.

Glenda: My husband and our family because without them, there would not be the wonderful life I live❤️

Brooke: My husband and daughter!

Jennifer M: health + happiness

Cheyenne: My Mom

Pamela C: Preparing a meal, sharing the meal, and the exchange of thoughts with all who dine together in that moment.

Alice W: My Life

Jackie: I am truly thankful for the continued health of my family and any health issues have been overcome

Thank you to EVERYONE of my readers who took the time to send me their thankful notes!

If you'd like to tell me what you're thankful for, leave a comment and One lucky winner will win an electronic copy of my newest release: Mistletoe Fantasies.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! May your day be blessed!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Release Blitz: Exacting Revenge by Kimmie Easley

Executioners MC Series, book 2
by Kimmie Easley

Readers Being Thankful!

As the US Holiday of Thanksgiving nears it's a good time to remind ourselves of what we are thankful for.

In October when I released Blessings and Beans, Book 12 of The Celebration Series that center's around Thanksgiving, I sent out a newsletter to my readers and they had the chance to enter to win two prizes by telling me what they were thankful for. 

Before I start sharing what they gave me permission to share, I wanted to give a quick shout out to the winners of the giveaway and share what they are thankful for.  

The Winner of the Coffee Clock: Aisha L.

I’m thankful for my mom because she thinks daily that I don’t appreciate her but I love and appreciate her more than anything. My mom is there no matter what happens to me in life. Every surgery, every time I’ve almost died, and every achievement. I don’t know what I would do without her and I will be sad the day I must say goodbye to her.

The Winner of the Thankful Mug: Joy C.

Being able to walk today - I have MS and a few years back I was watching television went to stand up and found myself on the floor , I spent a year relearning to walk without normal sensation and the other fun stuff that comes with nerve damage - now I am wobbly on some days but kicking @ss on others -I can drive again , can't run but can Zumba - not perfectly don't judge 😂😂 I am thankful I am stubborn - never believe there is anything you can't accomplish -

Now, let's see what other people said:

Lacey W: my family, my farm and my good life 

Tina B:  My family, friends and our 2 border collies!

Sandy H:  My family, my health, and my happiness.

Theresa A:  I’m thankful for my daughter, my 2 fur babies, my steady job, and my iPad (filled Kindle app)!

Debbi S: health and vision

Teresa M: My family's health (4 kids, husband, extended family)

 Katherine W: I am thankful that my mom has been blessed with an amazing oncologist who is helping her kick Colon Cancer’s butt!

Donna Clancy: I am truly thankful that God gave me the gift of words and I can give my readers a way to visit another place and get lost in my words, if only for the time it takes to read my book.

Amanda A: My kids and baby due on Christmas. Best present ever!

Lamar J: Family and friends

Teresa C: Being on disability because of having knee replacement that didn't go well and then having it redone, I am thankful for being able to volunteer at the Salvation Army 3 days a week serving lunch to homeless and anyone else who comes in to eat and also thankful that I can be a member of the Emergency Disaster Team locally.

Marlene: For beating cancer for the third time with the support of my husband and family. I am truly blessed.

Rose F: My family

Suleika S: I am thankful that my family and friends in Puerto Rico are ok after Maria and that no one I know suffered major losses specially my elderly parents who I was sure would be homeless.

 Lore F: you can't be more thankful than having very healthy and happy, not to mention smart, granddaughter. She is truly a joy to be around!

PatsyB: Retirement: This allowed me to be there for my mother in law when she was dying of pancreatic cancer. It is also allowing me to be my new grandson's babysitter.

Jenn D: My family and my health (@ just 61, I have outlived both parents who died in their 50s)

Rhonda: My Health, Family and Friends

Maureen C: The fact that between 2004 - 2008 I survived breast cancer and replacement of my aortic valve surgery. For this I am truly thankful.

Shannon: my kids

Jane N: I am thankful that my Dad made it through his heart surgery today with no complications.

Cynthia G: family

 Lisa D: I am thankful for my son who is 4 and i thought i would never have kids.

Beverly M: My freedom 😀thankful for a free country to live in!

Melanie M: My children—they are healthy and happy and bring me joy.

Cynthia S: My family and the ability to enjoy seeing the next generation growing up.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Readers Being Thankful and you'll get to see more great comments, plus what I am thankful for! 

Leave a comment about what you are thankful for and ONE lucky Winner will win an electronic copy of my newest release: Mistletoe Fantasies