Sunday, July 24, 2011

August Daily Giveaway - Upcoming Authors

The August Daily Giveaway is coming quickly!!
Here is a list of some of the Authors and the books that will be available for the Giveaway

Samantha Warren - Vampire Assassin
Kara Sala - Relationship Purgatory, for Two
Rob Cornell - Darker Things (The Lockman Chronicles #1)
Mandi Tucker Slack - The Alias
M.A. Stacie - Unwritten Rules
Laura Vosika - Blue Bells of Scottland
Ken Weene - Memoris & Widow's Walk
Abigail Boyd - Gravity
B.E. Scully - Verland: the Transformation
Racheal Boleyn - Backstage Pass: World Tour Vol 1.
Ronnie Massie - Crimson Dawn
Dale Ibitz - Fire in the Blood
Mahalia Levey - Courting Disaster
Anthanasios - Mad Gods
Monique O'Conner James - The Keepers
Bernadette Marie - The Executive Decision
Maggie James - Love Bleeds
Bernard J. Schaffer - Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes
Sammie Spencer - Amaretto Flame (Eagleton Cover #1)
Kelvin O'Ralph - LS: The Beginning
J.A. Belfield - Darkness & Light
Vaughn Sheperd & Bunnie Darling - The Aetherwood Chronicles Volume 1
Erin Kern - Here Come Trouble
Katina Ferguson - Fergyville
Cidney Swanson- Rippler
Carrie Pulkien - To Catch a Spirit
John Walker - Wrath & Remembrance
Stacy Eaton - My Blood Runs Blue, Blue Blood for Life and Whether I'll Live or Die

These books are a variety of genre's from Paranormal Young Adult, Erotica, Horror, Relationship Help, Contemporary Romance to Literary Fiction. It's going to be a great month - so stay tuned in!!!

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