Monday, June 13, 2016

Paranormal Attractions Sneak Peeks: The Beckoning of Beguiling Things

 Paranormal Attractions Sneak Peeks!

 Today's Sneak Peek is at The Beckoning of Beguiling Things

by Calinda B


My best friend Marta shoos me with her hand. “Now off you go. Meander slowly to that brochure display over there. Easy peasy. Look like you own the Bellagio. Work your hips. Stand tall. Go!”

Taking a deep breath, I do as she instructs. I saunter, letting my hips sway with each step. Inside, my gut tightens and I’m as nervous as a cat in a cage. I try to keep my anxiety contained and appear calm and cool. When I reach the brochures, I let my fingers graze the shiny paper, fingering an image of the show we’d seen last night.

“I’ll be happy to take you,” a rich, male voice purrs in my ear.

My head whips around to meet blue eyes, dark hair, honey-colored skin, strong jaw and sculpted muscles, dressed in casual slacks and a sleeveless t-shirt that clings to him like it had been painted onto his skin. “You’re one of the dancers in Thunder and Lightning!” I exclaim.
“Guilty as charged,” he says in his thick Australian accent, appraising me as if I’m succulent, tasty prey. His eyes meander slowly up and down my length, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he takes in my appearance. “And you’re rather breathtaking.”

I direct my attention at the floor.

“I’m headed to rehearse. Want to watch?” he says.

“Um,” I manage to say, craning my head to search for Marta. “I’m with my girls over there.”
Her eyes are wide as she gives me a thumbs-up. Jill and Lia shake their heads disapprovingly.
“Bring ‘em. You can all watch. I’d like to be watching you.” He extends his hand. “I’m Chris, by the way.”

I extend my arm, letting him envelop my small hand in his large, warm one. “Marissa,” I say, allowing my gaze to flick up at him. “Marissa Engles.” 

“Enchanted.” He kisses the back of my hand, causing a million tiny flutters to stir in my belly. He tugs a business card from his pants pocket, reaches around me to pick up a pen from the counter, letting me feel the heat emanating from his body. He scribbles down an address and hands it to me. “We start in twenty.”

“Chris, get your ass over here,” another male calls. “We’re going to be late.”
Chris waves his hand dismissively, then seeks my eyes with his. “So. Will you come watch me practice my moves?”

“If my gals are in, I’m in,” I say, feigning boldness. Inside, a steamy, quivering puddle forms, consisting of my dwindling courage and rapidly fading willpower, replaced, instead by fervent desire.

“Chris! Let’s go!”

Chris reaches down to grasp my hand once more. His soft, warm lips press to my skin as he regards me intently. “I’m counting on you watching me. I need someone to dance for.”
“I’ll be there,” I breathe. Like he doesn’t have a million fans. He lets me go and jogs toward the guy calling him, his muscles rippling, while I weeble-wobble back to the trio of women waiting for me.

About the Author:

Calinda B is a bestselling author who crafts erotic short stories and paranormal, sci-fi and contemporary romance novels. An avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast with a quirky sense of humor, she's always finding ways to torture her characters, and to entertain her long time love, her two cats or her kids and friends. She lives in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, a place that soothes her soul and gives her plenty of time to write, scuba dive, work, write, bike ride, write, kayak, write and write some more.

With seventeen books roaming the universe and more in her head, you can find her at or or . You can sign up for her newsletter, get free books, access to giveaways and more:

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