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A short story inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but with a modern twist – role reversal.

A short story inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but with a modern twist – role reversal.

Tina needs help with her business paperwork in the run-up to Christmas. When Greg arrives instead of the PA she hired, she’s not happy.

Greg has to go to work for Tina because of staff shortages, he finds her short-tempered and unfriendly.

When he discovers an abandoned puppy, he’s nearly out of a job, but he can’t leave the dog to an uncertain fate.

Can Greg and a puppy work some Christmas magic to transform Tina?

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Marie Godley resides in Christchurch, Dorset with her family. Luckily enough to live in a town with historical buildings to roam around, as well as having the sea and the New Forest National Park nearby, she has plenty to do when taking a break from writing.
For more information, to get in touch with her, or find out how to follow her on social media sites, visit her website

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Wicked Legends: The Night by N.R. Larry

The Night Final [157908]


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces The Night. This is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $.99! Order your copy today!

Kinsley will do anything to forget she may have killed someone. No one knows more than Kinsley Lane that nothing good happens when the dead walk free. A year ago, she was possessed by a ghost and her life forever changed. Luckily, on this All Hallows’ Eve, the witches of Harker Heights have offered her protection from the dead spirits who will roam free. Mac Harker is appointed her guardian and everything goes smoothly, until a mysterious guy arrives on the grounds. One that only Kinsley can see. Mac is determined to protect her from Charming, leaving Kinsley torn between wanting his protection and the strong pull to a guy who won’t even tell her his real name. She must make a choice; the one she makes leads to the biggest heartbreak, and greatest love she’s ever known. All over the course of one night.

Author Bio

Natasha Larry was born and is now a total nerd. She is the author of the YA series, Darwin's Children and the upcoming NA title, Silenced. When not writing she's hanging out with her awesome daughter and trying to accept that she's not Batman. Yet...

Wicked Legends: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

A boxed set unlike any other before it, filled with the perfect blend of Dystopian, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Romance. Every selection in this rare, limited edition collection is a full-length novel or novella, including some BRAND NEW material from today's New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors! If you're looking for a boxed set overflowing with variety, this collection will satisfy your cravings with sorcery, genies, necromancers, space pirates, shifters, and more! Travel to new worlds or discover ones hidden right beneath your nose when you order your copy of WICKED LEGENDS today!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Newest Release by Amy Manemann: Through the Darkness

Through the Darkness
Book 2 of the Lightkeeper Series 
By Amy Manemann

Willa Devries is struggling with both her newfound powers and her puzzling feelings over the two men in her life. Since being thrust into the magical world, Guardian Braeden Mathieson has been her rock, and when she’s safe in his arms, the weight resting on her shoulders fades away.

Lucian is a Warlock, albeit an annoyingly charming one. It’s bad enough he’s already wormed his way into her mind using his magic to connect their thoughts. The charming Warlock also seems to have taken an avid interest in amusing himself with her love life.

The lunar eclipse marks the night when magical powers will be at their fullest. Ronan Vale, Willa’s estranged father and high wizard of the Underworld, has captured innocent lightkeepers, Addison and Riley, and intends to kill them during the eclipse ceremony. By consuming their light powers in death, his powers will be unmatched by anyone, and not even the most powerful lightkeeper in history will be able to stop him from bringing forth the darkness.

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A strange calmness settled over me, stilling the fear and anger wreaking havoc on my mind. Somehow, I knew it was my Wizard blood. I couldn’t explain the feeling other than in that moment, I knew exactly what I needed to do.
Reaching out with my mind, I drew on the werewolf’s dark energy, drawing it towards me. It was allowed to pass through my shield to touch my skin, and I flinched at the contact, even as my magic rejoiced. It felt wrong and yet right all at the same time. And I wanted more.
Opening myself up, I allowed the magic to tangle with my Wizard blood, gasping in surprise at the rush of power that overtook me. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, even more powerful than my Lightkeeper powers. Looking down at my hands, I was startled to see a reddish hue surrounding them, sparkling and crackling in the morning sunlight. Holding my hands up to the sun, I stared in awe at the reddish trail of color I made by moving my hand back and forth. “This is amazing.”
Feeling the effects of my magic, the werewolf’s face changed from mocking to alarm. He took a stumbling step backwards, holding a hand out in defense. “What are you doing? How are you doing it?”
I slowly rose to my feet, my body feeling weightless, yet heavy with the power thundering through it. The wolves pacing the edge of the perimeter whimpered, slinking away at my approach. I smiled, enjoying their fear, tasting it on the dark tendrils of magic I was slowly draining out of them. 
“Willa, stop…” Keeley’s voice seemed far away, a small echo in my ears. I could only focus on the wolves in front me. I needed to drain their dark energy, needed to use it for my own use…
I froze, mouth dry with fear. What was happening to me? This wasn’t who I was. It wasn’t what I wanted. I didn’t hurt people. I was of the light, wasn’t I?
“I-I don’t know how.” I answered, startled by the voice that came out of me. It was deeper than normal, resonating with power and energy that brought everyone around me to the ground. I had felt this power before back in Salem when I brought a room of witches to their knees. This was different than it was before. It was stronger, with a much darker purpose.
It was my Wizard blood.
With a flash, my eyes snapped shut and I jerked my hands towards the sky, releasing the dark energy swamping my mind and body. The red energy swirled like angry fire from my fingertips, a spinning vortex of fire, wind and ash. The sky turned blood red as the power engulfed the heavens, and the howling wind and fire spun faster and faster, capturing everything in its path until finally spent, everything became quiet once again.


And Don't Miss out on Book 1 - 
Into the Light

Nineteen-year-old Willa Devries is no ordinary witch. Born to a sacred race known as the lightkeepers, for centuries her lineage has been charged to carry out their time honored duty of holding the light of the world against the darkness. Willa’s twentieth birthday will mark the day when she comes into her full powers, a day she’s been anticipating forever. Only the rising darkness has become more powerful than anyone has ever seen, and with her birthday only a week away, Willa begins to question if she’s ready to feel the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Braeden Mathiesen is a Guardian sworn and trained to protect the keepers of light. His life has been spent preparing for the day when he would be sent to aid Willa in her lightkeeper training. Yet upon his arrival to the sleepy town of Salem, Massachusetts, he quickly realizes he is unprepared for the extent of her incredible power--or for the woman who will steal his heart.

The fate of the world lies in Braeden and Willa's ability to push past their feelings and learn to harness her powers, before the dark underworld rises up and covers the world under a blanket of darkness. Failure isn’t an option; the world depends on it.  


About the Author

Amy Manemann is an International Best Selling Author. She writes sexy and intriguing romantic suspense, young adult paranormal romance, contemporary romance (NEW), and dabbles in children's books. She resides in her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two children. When she isn't plotting her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and diving into a good book.

You can connect with Amy at