Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Whispers of Winter

Whispers of Winter

A Limited-Edition Collection of Winter Romances

Winter may be rolling in, but that doesn’t mean your days and nights must be cold.

Before you get snowed in, grab yourself a copy of this limited-edition collection. With heroes and heroines of all kinds, you’ll be sure to find some that you just can’t help but fall in love with.

These romantic reads can be read as stand-alone stories. But, why would you want to do that? Read them all! Immerse yourself in this wintery ensemble from Romance Collections. 

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Featuring these bestselling authors:

Nicole Morgan  -  Stephanie Morris
Caitlyn Lynch  -  Krista Ames  -  Vicki Batman
Sharon Coady  -  Donna R. Mercer
Jan Springer  -  Carma Haley Shoemaker
Livia Quinn  -  Amber Skyze
Rebecca Fairfax  -  Jane Blythe
Suzanne Jenkins  -  Stacy Eaton
Rene Webb  -  Marie Mason
Joann Baker & Patricia Mason
Karen Cino