Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating the WLC - Uniting a Literary Cafe with Christine Cunningham

Guest Post by author Christine Cunningham
Tweet Queen for the WLC

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason.  It’s a fun practice to retrace my steps when I notice something wonderful happen in my life. Meeting Melissa Foster is one of those “wonderful happenings.”  As a new author, likes on my Facebook fan page were seriously lacking. Melissa posted a link to the WoMen’s Literary Café on my fan page one day and invited me to connect with other authors. It was almost an afterthought when I accepted her offer. After that choice life was a whirlwind of activity and excitement! Melissa started a Facebook group of the most fun and thoughtful group of people I have ever encountered. We constantly bantered, encouraged, and sympathized with each other. Through this group I had my first interview as an author, the thrill of having a wider fan base with increased book sales, and friendships that have brightened my life. Dazzling ideas and cross promotion opportunities are now a near daily occurrence. The premise of “together we succeed” permeates everything that WLC stands for. Not only giving back and helping others, but doing so with the highest standard of integrity. The growth I have experienced with WLC is incredible. I now hold the position of WLC Tweet Queen. Actually, I write gratitude tweets for the awesome bloggers that are key to the success of WLC. I accepted this position so I can continue to help grow this wonderful community. My hat is off to Melissa for daring to dream big and inviting me to experience the magnificence that she attracts.

And it started with the simple clicking of a mouse.

Christine Cunningham
Author Christine Cunningham
Thank you Christine for your guest post today! You do more then just give us tweets for gratitude, you yourself are gratitude and it shines in everything you do and everyone you touch.  Thank you for all the hard work you do for the WLC and for the friendship you give out so freely!  You are a true blessing!!  ~ Stacy
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  1. Thank goodness Stacy warned me to have tissues nearby, Christine. I am so blessed to have connected with you, and you are the only Tweet Queen around, my dear! Every gratitude tweet you write is filled with love and warmth. Thank you. We could not function as smoothly without you on our team.

  2. I agree with, Melissa! I love working with you, Christine, not only for your awesome tweets but because you always find a way to make us all smile!

    Emerald :)

  3. Oh goodness pass the tissues over here! My writing career and love of life have blossomed because of the WLC, and the indescribable awesomeness of the people involved. It is a pleasure to be associated with you!

  4. Christine, you have a truly warm & wonderful spirit and your wit is unmatched! It's a pleasure to be in the WLC circle with you and I wish you continued success in your writing career.