Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrating the WLC - Uniting a Literary Cafe with G.E Johnson

Guest Post by author G.E. Johnson
Support Coordinator & Communications for WLC

What “WLC” Really Stands For

When I first became acquainted with international bestselling author Melissa Foster, she was a warm, friendly blur with curly hair that darted seamlessly across the internet at lightning speed. I cannot tell you the number of times I grew dizzy just at the thought of trying to keep up with her activities on a daily basis. It wasn’t long, though, before I began to understand her need for speed and her urgency. Melissa was dedicated to not only successfully launching her third bestselling novel, but she was on the cusp of launching what is quickly becoming the premier author/blogger/reader community – the WoMen’s Literary Café a.k.a. WLC. 
I knew very quickly after learning a few things about the mission of the WLC that I wanted to be involved. As an author, reader, and blogger, I believed that this would be a place to meet like-minded people with similar interests and similar goals, who were dedicated to supporting one another and “paying it forward”. Now, after being involved in WLC events over the past several months and serving as a volunteer for the community, I can say that I was absolutely right. The level of camaraderie, support, and resources present in the WLC community is unprecedented and unparalleled in its arena.

It is for this reason that the W, the L, and the C that normally represent the community moniker could just as easily stand for three words that sum up my experience: Warm, Loving, and Caring. One only has to spend a little time with Melissa to know that the warm, caring vibe of the WLC springs directly from her personality. It is no coincidence, then, that members of the community are drawn to her light and then are compelled to rally around each other like fireflies, shining and sharing warm light with one another. Those individual lights shining together are what guarantee the bright future of the WoMen’s Literary Café and guarantee its success for many years to come.

Author G.E. Johnson

Thank you G.E for your guest post today! You have been an amazing help to all of us at the WLC!  Your organizational abilities were and are very much needed!  I know I that I treasure your friendship as much as your skills, Thank you!  ~ Stacy
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  1. G.E. you are a treasure and another woman to admire in the WLC!

  2. Gerria, I think you and Christine teamed up to see who could draw more tears. Thank you for such kind words, and I believe in bigger things than the tangible. We were drawn together, because we're like-minded when it comes to giving back. You are, as Christine said, a woman to admire, and more than that, a loving friend and terrific author. Thank you. xox

  3. Thank you, Melissa, for your kind words. Now I'm teary-eyed!

  4. We can have a regular cry fest - me, you, Christine, and Stacy, lol.

  5. Could not have said it better Gerria! Truly ... You've been a wonderful source of help, humor and patience to me. Thank you!

  6. Melissa - you think these got you going? Just wait.....

  7. Gerria, it's so great working with you! All of you! :) You all have to have to stop making me cry! ;)

  8. G.E. wow, your testimonial is so touching and warm. I feel goosebumps just being a member of WLC. :)