Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Twisted Love Affair by Ronald Countee

A Twisted Love Affair by Ronald Countee

A Twisted Luv Affair" is filled with drama, sex, lies and scandal.

In this story Tyran, a married man finds himself in a situation that will ultimately cost him his marriage and possibly his life. On the other hand, his wife Miranda gets a rude awakening and the only way to forget her past, she has to keep moving forward, and leaving the people she once loved behind.

As this story unfolds, Tisa, Tyran’s mistress is trapped in a world of her own. Her heart has been broken too many times by too many men. She cannot afford it to be broken again. So she does what any desperate woman in her situation would do.


About the Author:

The author is a self motivated individual, who's stories are based on real life experiences. "A Twisted Love Affair," was first sparked from a fantisy, but once pen hit paper, it seemed as if this mind had no boundaries. With the love for writing erotic stories, this book is just the first of many compelling stories, for Mr. Countee.

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