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Tears to Cheers, The Celebration Series, Book 2 - Now Available!

Tears to Cheers

Book 2 in The Celebration Series

USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton



Linda Maxim is a woman who learned early on how to work hard and succeed. Her only regret is that the man she loved disappeared just days after she got pregnant at the tender age of sixteen.

Fourteen years later, Ian Dugan needs a break from life and ends up crashing his vehicle and waking up in the hospital to find Linda watching over him.

Can Linda forgive Ian for leaving her alone as a pregnant teen? Will Ian be able to forgive Linda and himself when he learns of the daughter he never knew about? Find out on New Year’s Eve if Ian can erase the tears and find something to cheer about.

Tears to Cheers is the second book in The Celebration Series; the first is Tangled in Tinsel.






Excerpt from Chapter 1:

When the technicians were ready, I stepped out of the room after one final glance at the monitor to confirm that he was still stable. Outside the room, the team huddled, waiting to be let back in to prepare for the next step.
            I glanced at the assistant who was talking to John Pointer, one of Celebration Township’s police officers, “Is someone trying to notify the family?” she asked him.
            “His license said he is from Bryn Mawr, which I think is down by Philadelphia. Thad is trying to contact someone down there to try and make a notification.”
            “Officer Pointer,” he nodded as I approached him and asked, “What is the patient’s name?”
            John glanced at the small notepad he held in his hand, “Ian Dugan, age thirty-one.”
            All eyes landed on me as the gasp left my lips. “Ian Dugan? Is his birthday April twenty-fifth?”
            “Yeah? Why? You know him?” John queried back.
            I glanced back at the door, “Yeah, I know him.”
            “Damn, sorry about that, Linda. How long has it been since you’ve seen him?” Jason asked from beside me.
            Memories of my sophomore year of high school flashed to the front of my mind like a strobe light. Ian’s light green eyes and boyish smile as he grinned down at me when I said I’d go to his junior prom with him filled my mind.
            I’d been enthralled with his eyes, with the smile that could light up a room along with the deep voice that commanded attention, even at that young age.
            “I haven’t seen him since I was sixteen, no one around here has.”
            I stared at the door as the voices around me faded. Ian Dugan was the man I had fallen head over heels in love with in high school, the one I had lost my virginity to on his prom night. He was also the one who disappeared out of my life two days later. He not only vanished from my life, but from our school and our town as well. Shortly after he had left, I had resolved to never fall in love again.

The Celebration Series

Welcome to the second book in the Celebration Township Series, Tears to Cheers. This series consists of thirteen novel/novellas that take place over the course of a year, beginning with Christmas. During that year, twelve more stories will unfold in the Township of Celebration, Pennsylvania, and each release will coincide with an upcoming holiday.
Tangled in Tinsel was the first book in the series and was released in October of 2015. Heathens to Hearts is the third book and releases in January. While these books constitute a series, they can also be standalone reads. 

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