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The Remingtons: Catching up with Love by International Bestselling Author Amy Manemann

The Remingtons: Catching up with Love 

International Bestselling Author Amy Manemann

When event coordinator, Liza Daley, finds herself dumped right before Christmas, she begins to question her life choices. A trip to a bed and breakfast outside of town might be the trick to clear her head, except her solitude is interrupted by the one man who has consumed her every waking thought for the past year.

Baseball catcher, Nolan Collins, has wanted Liza Daley from the moment they met. Out of respect, he’s kept his distance, but it’s nearly killed him to see her settling for a man who isn’t good enough for her. Liza deserves to be loved and cherished, and the longer he waits, the more he realizes he wants to be the man who gives her that.

While the snow continues to fall and temperatures drop, things heat up inside the B&B as Nolan shows Liza there are more things to life than what she’s let herself settle on, like finally getting the chance to catch up with love. 


Before she could call out a good morning greeting, he suddenly jumped, releasing a stream of curses that would have made a sailor blush.
“Are you alright…” her voice trailed off as his fingers dug beneath the hem of his shirt and he pulled it over his head with a jerk, revealing the mouthwatering muscles that lay beneath. Washboard abs, hard pecks, and muscles bulged everywhere she looked, and she naughtily looked her fill.  Oh Lord, she breathed, desire pulsing through every inch of her body. He was going to be the death of her.
A hint of a smile curved the corners of his mouth when she finally met his gaze, and the breath caught in the back of her throat at the hungry desire in his eyes. 
“Good morning,” he said huskily, tossing his shirt into the sink and turning on the tap. “Sleep well?”
“Mm-hm,” was the only legible response she could come up with, her brain sluggish against the fog of desire blanketing her. She really needed to get a grip. Except all she could focus on were the rippling muscles on display. He was going to have to put a shirt on if she was going to have any coherent thoughts today.
“You keep undressing me with your eyes like that and we’ll be late for breakfast,” he mused aloud. Liza was thankful he wasn’t looking at her, because she was fairly certain her cheeks were bright red at that moment.
Clearing her throat, she tossed her long hair over her shoulder, leaning a hip against the countertop. “It’s not my fault you decided to do a strip tease in the kitchen.”
This time he looked at her, a grin cracking his face. “I don’t know if you were aware of it, but bacon grease hurts like a bitch when it hits you. Plus, I didn’t want my shirt to get ruined. It’s one of my favorites.”
Though soaking wet, he held up the faded t-shirt, the tell-tale insigne for the Marlins peeking back at her. She should have guessed. 
“Nice shirt.” She tapped her fingers on the countertop, noticing for the first time that they were alone in the kitchen. “No Penelope today?”
“Nope, I convinced her to let me make breakfast this morning, promising I wouldn’t burn the house down. I hope you like bacon, eggs and toast.”
As if on cue, Liza’s stomach rumbled loudly. They both laughed.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He wrung water from his shirt, shutting off the tap with his elbow. Droplets of water run down the front of his pecs, and Liza followed them hungrily.
“Not that I don’t appreciate the show,” she let her eyes linger on his abs, “but if you expect me to eat breakfast with you, it’d go a lot smoother if you put on a shirt.”
With a grin that sent her stomach somersaulting, Nolan dropped the shirt in the sink and stalked towards her, crowding her space with his body until she was completely off balance. Liza grabbed hold of the first thing she came in contact with, which just so happened to be his broad shoulder. His arm snaked around her waist, holding her in place as the heat of his skin seared her hand, burning through her clothes. What she wouldn’t give to be skin to skin with him right now.
“Are you sure about that, Sweet Cheeks? Your lips,” his heavy stare landed on her mouth for a full second before rising back to her eyes, “say one thing, but your eyes are saying something else.”

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About Amy Manemann

Amy Manemann is an International Best Selling Author. She writes sexy and intriguing romantic suspense, young adult paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and dabbles in children's books. She resides in her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two children. When she isn't plotting her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and diving into a good book.

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