Sunday, June 12, 2011

Excerpt from My Blood Runs Blue

Chapter 4 - Julian's Memory 

We turned to look at one another meaning to only say a polite goodbye.  We were eye to eye, almost exactly the same height, so close I could smell her without trying.  The current was soaring through me and she parted her lips, staring into my eyes. 
“Jewels,” she said so quietly I could barely hear her over the noise of the bar.  She looked at my lips and I wanted to move closer to her and touch mine to hers.  She looked back up into my eyes then and said, “The two stones that are within my soul, sapphires for the dark of the sky and aquamarines for my dreams of the beautiful blue oceans in the heat of the summer.”
I started into her eyes; they were a liquid blue, bright and warm.  I couldn’t keep myself from saying, “Calista… you don’t know how much I want to take you in my arms right now and run away with you.” 
Her eyes widened then, and a smile crept along her face. “Then let’s run,” she said… 

The above is taken from Chapter 4 of My Blood Runs Blue.  It is a flashback that Julian has from the moment he met Calista.  Who is Calista in the story if she isn't listed as one of the main characters of the book?  Guess you will need to read it to find out. 

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