Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reviewing Books

As I evolve in my writing career as a published author I am beginning to learn the true importance of reviewing books.  When you go to purchase a book online, do you not look at the review in-depth or in general to see how it rates?  I did but I never took the time to write that review.

Can I just tell you, those reviews are VERY IMPORTANT and I now take the time to write a review on each and every book that I read.  Not only does it help the people who are thinking of buying it, but it helps the author to know what you thought.

Customers want to know if the book is quick and easy to read.  If it has depth in the story plot and the characters.  Does it touch your life, or is it a book that is just fun to get lost in? Is it more tuned toward adults or young adults, people with military backgrounds or people who love to live in the Paranormal world? What about real life versus fantasy?

Authors depend on hearing what you think. We need to know if you thought it was a good story. Did you like the plot? Was there too much fluff and not enough content? Was the story believable? Was it something that you would recommend to others?  If you loved the story, tell us why!  If you didn't like it, was there a reason? Be fair in your review. If you didn't like it, let the readers know why, don't just give it one star and say it sucked. Why did it suck?

Recently I have sold over 100 books personally to people I know. I've handed out paperbacks and hardcovers to friends to either read or give as gifts. Many of those people have told me privately that they really enjoyed the book, yet they have not taken the time to write a review.  If just a quarter of those people would take the time to write a quick review, imagine what other people would think when they looked at the book sale page and thought about reading it.

Currently, I am doing reviews for several other authors that have new books just coming out.  I find helping them exciting and writing the reviews let's them know that the hard work they put into their story is being understood to help them grow and write better.

I encourage all of my readers, and anyone who loves to read, to take a few minutes when you finish a book, to put in that review. It doesn't have to be much, just a few words and a click on the stars to let others know what you thought!

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