Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Characters

Who are the main characters in My Blood Runs Blue?

Officer Kristin Greene: Member of the Fawn Hollow Police Department, first responding officer to the murder scene that will forever change her life. Love interest for Julian and Alexander. Why do they call her Calista? Why has Kristin felt alone all her life, and how does she deal with the information that Alexander and Julian have given her?

Julian Hutchinson: Nicknamed Jules by most. Known to Kristin as Jules because of his dark Sapphire eyes that lighten to Aquamarines at the center. Works for Alexander at the VMF, The Vampire Military Force. How does Julian know Kristin? How can he win her heart and mend his after all this time?

Alexander Armstrong: Head of the VMF, The Vampire Military Force. Reserved and passionate for the love of one woman. Why is there such anger and frustration between Julian and Alex? How does he protect Kristin from Damon? What does he give up for that protection?

Gabriel Montgomery: The sweet young guy who becomes like a brother to Kristin and protects her from the heated triangle she has gotten thrown into. 


Damon: Why is he killing the woman and young girls? Who does he blame for what he does? 

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