Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The making of the Video Trailer

If you haven't already looked at the book trailer for My Blood Runs Blue, check it out.  The video is in the post right before this one.

Several people have asked me how I made the video and where the photos and music came from. I used Microsoft Movie Maker to make the video and it was relatively easy to use.

The photos were all purchased from Dreamstime.  I have spent hours searching through photos over the last few months to find pictures that were as close to my mind's eye as could be to portray my characters. Items that are in the book, such as the midnight blue Mustang and the VMF house that play a huge role in the book were searched for too.

For the music, I wanted something that was intriguing and suspenseful. I think I found it in the tune I discovered on MyStockMusic.net.  They have a great selection of Royalty Free music, and even allow you to download the clips to try them out in your work.  The music is entitled "Alone in the Dark" and was composed by Dominik Hauser. I believe that the piece fit perfectly with the words and photos that I had selected to include in the trailer.

I'm very excited about the book trailer and already want to start working on the trailer for Blue Blood For Life, but I don't want to publish it yet, it's still a little early.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

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